A smart & easy way to help the Association raise thousands of dollars EVERY month!
Each and every month, $0.50 of your $1.99 subscription goes to the Association! Password protection for you, income for the team!
USA Swimming has teamed up with myTLC
If you’re among the 90% of the population that still use post-it notes, a spreadsheet, or your web browser to manage your passwords, then myTLC is just what you need!
A Winning Combination!
myTLC provides a highly secure yet easy-to-use password solution that includes continuous Dark Web monitoring to let you know if your passwords have been compromised. Smart for you, great for the Association!

The fundraising campaign that keeps on giving!!!

An Easy Problem To Solve!

We believe that organizing and securing your passwords should be easy & secure, without relying on the cloud – and that’s why we’ve built the myTLC app.

myTLC provides a highly secure, yet easy-to-use password solution that also provides continuous Dark Web monitoring to let you know if your passwords have been compromised. TRY IT FOR FREE, TODAY!

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81% of data breaches are due to weak, default or stolen passwords
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60% of people use the same password for everything!
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$3.8M is the average cost of a single data breach

Control, right in the Palm of Your Hand

myTLC comes equipped with Palm ID’s proprietary palm-print biometric authentication system to control access to your passwords. When paired over Bluetooth with the free desktop client, myTLC synchronizes of all your passwords with your Safari and Chrome web-browsers.

What Makes The MyTLC App Different?   Control, Security and Simplicity!

  • Password database stored securely on your device and Not on the Cloud
  • Unmatched Security with PalmID Biometric Authentication
  • Real-time Dark Web Monitoring showing compromised passwords
  • Wireless password sync with your computer
  • Simplified design and user interface
  • Savings on Healthcare, Retailers, and Events

Added value from our partners, keeping you happy, safe, secure and connected.

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